"Seeing Is Believing"
Management Training

This meeting is unlike any other you have ever attended. It will be one of the most valuable and one of the most entertaining meetings you’ll ever experience. There are only a few messages that are critical to your success. Because of the way we deliver these messages, they will stay with you throughout your career.

Even a "Dream Team" of the greatest people ever assembled will fail in reaching their full potentials without the guidance, focus and direction of great managers. The "Seeing is Believing" Management Training ensures that your managers absolutely “get” what needs to take place to have your organization focused on what is most important in getting all of the business. When completed you will know how to delight your customers and keep them for a lifetime, how to clearly differentiate yourself in the marketplace and how to turn your people into walking PR machines for your products and your company. Most importantly, you will clearly “see” how to brand your products in your marketplace and how to build the environment to “own the relationship” with your people and your customers.

"It Shall be Done"
Sales Training

The "It Shall be Done" Sales Training starts with the traditional aspects of pure selling skills that concentrates, with a unique emphasis, on only those areas that will make your sales-force "World Class.” When finished your salesforce will absolutely know how to capture and keep your customers’ undivided attention—plus they’ll be able to tell stories about your products and services that even Hemmingway would be proud. They’ll know how to maximize their profit margins and at the same time keep your customers for a lifetime! But best of all, they’ll all leave the meeting with an “It Shall be Done—Never Miss a Goal” attitude!

Our goal is to establish all of your salespeople as "World Class" so they carry your “Best Story” message to the marketplace with intensity. We want to not only stop the 80/20 theory of performance, but actually reverse it to where 80% of your salesforce are the top performers versus the 20% most companies experience now. This is truly a life changing experience!

"Loyalty is Priceless"
Customer Service Training

Management and Salesforce training is only part of the battle. The "Loyalty is Priceless" Customer Service Training focuses on your front line employees—all of the people who tend to have the most contact with your customers on a daily basis, with the goal of training them on the fundamentals and the disciplines that enable them to constantly and consistently “delight” your customers—every time—all the time. They will learn what all customers’ value most when working with any supplier and the practical daily things they need to incorporate to ensure your customer stays delighted—for a lifetime! It's all about building and maintaining the right environment to get your most important “before and after the sales” people focused on operating at their full potentials all the time and then continually raising the bar on their performance!

Best Story Always Wins
Research Program

What is your Best Story?

What is the one thing that you do better than anyone else in your marketplace, that significantly differentiates you from all your competition, and when your customers experience it…they say Wow! Could your Management Team, Salesforce or Employees write it down on a piece of paper in one sentence? Most companies can’t. If it is not clear to your own company, what is the chance that it will be clear to your customers? Best Story Always Wins – Research Program cuts to the heart of uncovering the most critical desires of your targeted customers regarding your products and services. It involves utilizing a proven "business-to-business" qualitative research process to uncover what you do that continually delights them along with all of your customer’s most relevant and important needs. This critical information is used to enhance, reposition or develop your “Best Story” to delight your customers and reinforce your strengths.

"Rock their World”
Promotional Programs

The objective of our "Rock their World” Promotional Programs is to create mass momentum in the marketplace for your products and services…to have your message marketed with an intensity and enthusiasm never before experienced…to get the entire industry to promote your product and the customers to desire it—all at the same time. This is the payoff—where you grab chunks of market share profitably. "Rock their World” Promotional Programs are designed to not only soften up your customers, but more importantly predispose them to your message so they desire your company and your offerings. It involves developing fun, creative, programs around your “Best Story” (what you do that delights your customer) and then is delivered to the marketplace with an intensity that ultimately motivates your customers to swift purchasing decisions. This is clearly one of the most critical elements in determining how quickly you brand your product and accumulate market share.

Professional Speaking Arrangements

When you hire 95% Share Marketing as a Speaker for your meetings, conferences or conventions, we promise it will be one of the most memorable, one of the most inspirational, one of the most fun, and most importantly one of the most valuable speeches your audience will experience. It’s all about Finding Customers…and Keeping Them