95% Share Marketing Background

The principles of 95% Share Marketing have earned the proven track record of taking three separate product lines from less than 10% market share to over 95% market share (without acquisitions and verified by an independent industry study). The third product line achieved this dominant status in less than a year versus three well-respected and entrenched competitors.

Ultimately, we were able to significantly grow the marketplace from its established, historical size and expand it significantly - to almost three times its original size.

All this while maintaining over 95% market share for more than ten years of business cycles - an astounding accomplishment within any industry.

Today, 95% Share Marketing is dedicated to showing businesses how to significantly grow their market share and drive brand recognition at the high end of the profit curve

We are committed to teaching you how we were able to do that and what you can do to start achieving those same results. We specialize in training and speeches for management groups, sales organizations, and customer service teams

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What Makes Us Different

There are two main things that really make us different and unique

We have actually done the work

We're not the people who smoke pipes and wear brown patches on our elbows who have never been in the marketplace. Rather, we have put in the long hours, and we have done the work to dominate the marketplace. And we have done this by staying true to the principles we teach.


We teach in a very fun, unique way

so that you absolutely "get it" and remember it for years and years to come. We don't just tell you, we show you - it's definitely not the typical "PowerPoint, sit in the classroom, I just wasted another day" type of meeting

In fact it's so unique, so memorable, and so interesting, that the concepts we teach tend to remain with you for a lifetime, versus typically being forgotten well before you leave the classroom.

By the end of our session you'll definitely know and understand what you need to do in your business, so that you can start achieving the same type of results that we have.

Seeing Is Believing Management Training Seminar

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