Since you’ve taught me this lesson, finding ways to say yes…just got us this business, the largest deal in our company’s history, it will have double the regular (earnings), and we won it on people and flexibility not price.
Mark Deuschle, Executive Vice President, Premier Greetings

I think it was the series of unexpected little extras that really added up to you “owning the relationship” with me and the other attendees, and I’ve already found myself recommending your program to others.
Brad Skipper, National Sales Manager, Donovan Industries

The overall comment was OUTSTANDING!
Steven Wray, Vice President of Sales, Cholestech

I find I cannot stop sharing my experience with everyone I meet.
Laura Santos, Territory Manager, Sempermed

You really hit a homerun when my lovely wife, and the toughest person to sell I have ever met…she really thought it was great! You have no idea how much of a compliment that is.
Todd Owings, Vice President of Sales, Indigo Worldwide

Never have I attended anything close to this. What a unique experience. If we even apply some of this, our two days will pay for it self ten times over.
Barry Smith, Retail Petroleum Sales, Southern Pump & Tank

I enjoyed the meeting tremendously! I have spoken to my boss and we have agreed to send the entire Senior Management Team this meeting ASAP. This is just the beginning.
Mike Mutka, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Berchtold USA

Thanks for helping me “see the light”!
Louise McDonald, Welch Allyn

It was the most incredible learning experience I have ever had, and definitely the most fun! In my view, your message is the “Holy Grail” of Marketing and it could not be presented in a more powerful way.
Rod Stapleton Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Celina Group

I left the meeting with a new appreciation on how we should treat our customers and our employees. 95% Share Marketing demonstrated throughout the entire two days that the customer is someone special and should be treated accordingly. It certainly made me stop and ask how we are treating our customers. Actions speak louder than words!
David L. Vermeulen, Director of Sales and Marketing, Bard

I left the seminar feeling empowered; armed with the knowledge that would allow me to create my own “perfect storm”. From “owning my relationships” to always telling my “best story”. I now have a whole new outlook on approaching tasks and issues that at once seemed insurmountable. My only regret is that I did not learn these concepts earlier.
Margaret Cartiera, Business Development Manager, DRG

I have attended many sales meetings and seminars over the past twenty years, this one was simply “the best”! I will not continue to let the opportunities go by without taking advantage of them. You truly got it right!
Mike Marston, Owner, Marston Medical

I have had many teachers of secrets over the past 30 years. Chicago was the light in the bottle!
Lionel Rush, Dale Medical

Thank you for our best promotion, ever! Before this we had never run a successful promotion, not only was this our best, but now the industry has awarded it as “the best” in all of healthcare. Everyone is talking about us right now, everyone including our competitors, and this is just the beginning!
Rob Saron, President, Aaron Medical

What can I say I am still in awe! There are no words that describe how profoundly the time we spent last week changed my life both professionally and personally. You have given me a new “Vision”. It Shall Be Done-no limits!
Christy Sigler, Independent Manufacturing Representative

Your program has gleaned the essence of what successful selling is all about and I know everyone who attends gains a new and valuable perspective on not only increasing market share but also holding on to it!
Joe Kainz, Independent Businessman

This was the most creative course I have ever attended and I learned a great deal!
Steve Meyer, General Manager, Welch Allyn

For the last two weeks I caught myself finding ways not to come to your program…I thought it was going to be the biggest waste of my time that I could ever spend. I now must admit it this has been the most memorable two days I have ever had! Your message is clear and you have not only helped my professional life, you have touched my personal life. Thanks you for your insights!
Rick Schwartz, Director, Minster Machine Company

What a Great experience we had in Chicago last week! Your “show me don’t tell me” approach to learning was most refreshing - and as a result, much of what I learned is still very clear in my mind. I am about the task of putting the key principles to work both in my office and in my personal life as well.
Rob Cornwell, State Farm Insurance

I do not think I have ever been in a business meeting where the topic was so interesting and meaningful that you could keep me that focused for the whole two-day period. It was an incredible experience and I look forward to a very rewarding personal and professional relationship!
Bernard Findley, Partner, Crean Gallagher

After the last few days I can say without hesitation, I have experienced things that will last a lifetime. There are not enough words or paper for me to describe the value your program has meant to my family and me.
Dirk Young, Sales Representative, Med Tech Associates

I started breaking down the clutter that’s keeping us from servicing our customers 100%. I met with the Customer Service Manager this morning to eliminate some of the red tape and getting the folks focused on getting us all the business and customers for a lifetime!
Jeff Wrigley, Marconi Commerce Systems

Your “Seeing is Believing” program was inspiring and life changing for me, I truly see things in a different way.
Sheri Sankner, Yippee Inc.

I would like to thank both of you for the experience of a lifetime I had in Chicago. I am still shaking my head wondering if I dreamt the whole thing.  We have been planning to go on a cruise for our 25th wedding anniversary, but I told my husband that I have changed my mind. I want to go back and do this all over again, and this time he is going with me. That is how significant this experience has been for me!
Alexandra Donovan, Premier Greetings

Change, change, change, everybody talks about it and how hard it is. I know now that in order to change my customers and team members, I have to change first! This is crystal clear.
Gene McLain, Vice President, Medtronics

Thank you so much for making our National Account Meeting such a success! Every one on the team left revitalized and ready to employ the 95% Share Principles and “Own the Relationship” with each of their respective accounts! Outstanding job…this was by far our best and most productive meeting ever!
Tom Szafranski, President, Hobart Corporation

I wanted to follow up with you…just to share some brief thoughts about your class.  I can honestly say that I got more out of  the 95% Share meeting than I have out of any sales training class I have ever attended, and there have been quite a few over the years. I found the class enlightening and motivating and I can honestly say I plan use these concepts more and more as I go forward into my sales career.  I would like offer my congratulations on a job well done! BD spent their money well on you guys.  I'm ready to do it again. Thanks for everything.
Buddy Sir, Sales Representative, BD Diagnostics

It was great spending time with you and other members of your team. You gave me experiences that will last a life time and you can be sure that I will be spreading the word about your organization.
Derek Lancashire, BD

I'm still amazed at the training because it was so unique and totally unexpected. The concepts were simple and I myself am thinking about them when planning my visits. But my focus isn't always on this and we can so easily get side tracked from those activities. (You just had so many good points to make in our tour of "Chi-town" that drove this all home) You have definitely proved the point and challenged me to keep these concepts at the top of my list to focus on daily. I look forward to realizing the increased success and the motivation to have more fun. Sincere thanks to all of you.
Kathie Reece, Sales Representative, BD

Thanks again for everything.  I can't stop talking about my experience with you and the rest of the group.  It was truly an enriching sales experience. Thanks.
Jeff Stoga, Sales Representative, BD

Thanks again for all your help and knowledge during last weeks seminar. In my 20 years with BD, I have never had an experience like this one and I will never forget it. You did a terrific job!
Rich Langlois, Sales Representative, BD

Thanks again Jim for such a great day in Chicago.  I've been talking about it all weekend.  Your messages have sunk in, and I'm excited as I start looking at ways to adjust what I'm doing.
Kyra Stockton, Sales Representative, BD

Thanks a ton, our Sales Meeting was the "Best Ever" at Minster, thanks to the hard work and great effort from (95% Share Marketing). Thanks again.
David Winch, Vice President of Sales, Minster Machine

I can say with confidence that this will be one of the best events of your career - definitely an eye-opener!
Doug Bartlett, Marketing Manager, LigaSure, Tyco Healthcare - Valleylab

I just wanted you both to know how much I enjoyed the 95% Share Marketing experience. I came away from the meeting very inspired and continue to draw upon the experiences and lessons learned. You guys run a first class program that I’ll highly recommend to others.
Kimberly Massey, National Sales Manager, Clear Channel Entertainment

Thank you both for two truly terrific days!!!!  I really learned a lot! But most importantly, I feel like I have more of my "old work-self back”,…"Do the right thing-no matter what it takes" "Find a way to make it work" and "Show People Don't tell them"!
Cynthia Dirksen, Spirit of Chicago

Thank you for the wonderful experience you treated us to in Chicago. You have an amazing program that we will never forget…we learned so many incredible life and sales tools!
Jay Coyle, Area Manager, Premier Greetings