95% Share Marketing is made of key people who have the proven track record of taking three core Medical Equipment product lines from less than 10% market share to over 95% market share.

Not only were we able to secure 95% market share with three major product lines, but we were able to sustain and expand that market share over ten plus years of business cycles. Ultimately, we were able to grow the marketplace from its historical, traditional size and expand it significantly—all the while maintaining over 95% market share.

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Over 25 years experience in Sales and Marketing. Held positions of Sales Representative, Regional Sales Manager, Product Manager, Market Manager and Marketing Manager. Specializes in identifying key customer needs and creatively developing or repackaging effective solutions.

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Over 35 years experience in Sales and Marketing. Held positions of Sales Representative, Regional Sales Manager, National Sales Manager and Vice President of Sales. Simply one of the strongest Sales and Marketing minds available. He was the mastermind behind “owning the relationships” with every key customer in the medical industry and motivating them all to focus selling time and buying time specifically on his products to achieve 95% market share.

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Over 15 years experience in Sales and Marketing. Working for Anheuser Busch, Agilent Technologies, Phillips Medical Systems, and PSS World Medical, Inc. He has been successful with positions from Sales Representative, Sales Leader, Marketing Manager, Business Segment Manager, Regional Diagnostic Leader, and Business owner for PC Based Medical Diagnostic Equipment Company and recently President of BioTRAiTS, Inc. (A Biometrics Company). Peter’s passion is in learning and sharing with like professionals the proven methods of “Finding and Keeping Customers for Life.” He joins the 95% Share Team as a past client who has implemented and succeeded greatly by the teaching of Scott Fanning and Jim Niekamp. Peter is currently providing 95% Share Marketing’s Seminars in Orlando and soon Beverly Hills California.

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